Native Callout

The native call-out plugin enables robust web to native bridge for delivery seamless native feature functionality from the context of a webview player embed. By default it calls out to the "Kaltura play" native application but can be configured to work with other native applications. This helps bridge your web visitors into native application context. You can lean more about features of native embeds on the player toolkit knowledge center article

Test your Kaltura player with Kaltura Play native app:

To test a Kaltura web player with Kaltura play:
1. Install the Kaltura Play APP. ( iOS )
2. Visit the site with your mobile device with Chrome browser on Android or Safari browser on iOS.
3. Manipulate the page URL to append the following string: #forceKalturaNative
4. Refresh the page and click "play" it should launch Katlura play with the current player within the play application.

Enabling native callout in your player

Set the "nativeCallout.plugin" to "true" in the plugins / UiVar section of the universal studio for your respective player.

Install the Kaltura Play App:

Why native ?

An overview of features gained with native player ( instead of web view ) is outlined in the why native section of the getting started with Kaltura player article.
Additional properties are available in the native App for ad tag URL evaluations, such as {utility.nativeAdId}

This is great ! Can I use this player in my own app ?

Yes. See the kaltura native sdk integration guides for iOS and Android.