Player localized strings override

In this demo, player strings are being overridden by Flashvars using the "strings" plugin.
The strings plugin can also be configured according to localization codes.
For the following player, the keys and values are specified for English ("en") and Spanish ("es"):

'flashvars': {
    "localizationCode": 'es',
            "mwe-embedplayer-play_clip": "Click to play",
            "mwe-embedplayer-pause_clip": "Click to pause",
            "mwe-embedplayer-player_fullscreen": "Enter full screen"
            "mwe-embedplayer-play_clip": "Reproducir clip",
            "mwe-embedplayer-pause_clip": "Pausar clip",
            "mwe-embedplayer-player_fullscreen": "Pantalla completa"
Hover over the play and full-screen buttons to see the new tooltip values. Change the localization key from "es" to "en" to see the per-locale change.

The following keys are available:

KeyDefault Value (English)