Playlist with custom template and paging

This following playlist demonstrates using custom template and CSS files and server side paging.

The following parameters are used to utilize these features:

Sample Code:

var basePath = document.location.toString().split("PlaylistPagingTemplate")[0];
	'targetId': 'kaltura_player',
	'wid': '_243342',
	'uiconf_id': '25975211',
	'flashvars': {
			'autoContinue': true,
			'includeInLayout': true,
			'autoPlay': false,
			'loop': false,
			'onPage': false,
			'layout': 'horizontal',
			'containerPosition': 'bottom',
			'hideClipPoster': true,
			'onPageCss1' : basePath + 'externalResources/customplaylist.css',
			'kpl0Name': "50 items playlist",
			'kpl0Id': '1_giunvyzh',
			'paging': true,
			'pageSize': 10,
			'MinClips': 5,
			'horizontalScrollItems': 5,
			'mediaItemHeight': 100,
			'templatePath': basePath + 'externalResources/customplaylist.tmpl.html',
			'iframeHTML5Css': basePath + 'externalResources/customplaylist.css'