Playback Rate ( HTML5 only )

Note you must use progressive delivery for playback rate control, and not all HTML5 browsers support playback rate.

Key Mapping

Description Key
Go Faster +
Go Slower -
Normal Speed =

Example code: log rate changes and bind buttons to update named rates:
kWidget.addReadyCallback( function( playerId ){
	var kdp = document.getElementById( playerId );
	// Log playback rate changes:
	kdp.kBind('updatedPlaybackRate', function( newRate ){
		$("#changeLog").append( "Set playback rate to x" + newRate + "\n" );
	// Update rate on button click
	$('.rate-buttons button').click(function(){
		kdp.sendNotification('playbackRateChangeSpeed', $( this ).attr('data-rate') );
Change log: