Custom Meta data

Custom data allows you to associate custom metadata with entries. It can be accessed via "evaluate" calls in javascript.

Listing all player metadata: The following code shows how to list all custom metadata for a entry.
'targetId': 'kaltura_player',
'wid': '_243342',
'uiconf_id': '12905712',
'entry_id': '0_uka1msg4',
'flashvars': {
'metadataProfileId': 3282, // the metadata profile id from your account
'requiredMetadataFields' : true
'readyCallback': function( playerId ){
var kdp = $( '#' + playerId )[0];
kdp.addJsListener( 'metadataReceived', function (){
var customDataList = kdp.evaluate('{mediaProxy.entryMetadata}');
$.each( customDataList, function( key, val ){
$('#customData').append( '<tr><td>' + key + '</td><td>' + val + '</td></tr>' );
Pay attention to the metadataProfile id, set to 3282 per account, another valid test metadataProfile id for is 313142

Switch entry This shows custom meta data for dynamically loaded entry.

Custom Data for this player:
Key Value