Comscore Plugin

Analytics events:
Mapping Tags
Some of the tags should be derived from video entry metadata yet mapped to a predetermined Comscore unique ID (such as C3, C4 and C5 described above) and while those don't change often, they are subject to change every once in a while. As a solution the comscore plugin will load an external XML which will be a dictionary the plugin should use to conduct mapping. That loading should be done before content is played back so we don't miss any events. The link to the XML may be configured in the plugin parameters.
Example mapping file:
    <contentOwner name="RADWANTZOR" id="1894" />
    <contentOwner name="AVGIL" id="8457" />
    <contentOwner name="SHADMI" id="1540" />
    <contentOwner name="KRIMOV" id="9841" />
    <contentOwner name="YEFET" id="9813" />
    <site url="abc" id="3456" />
    <site url="fox" id="3592" />
    <site url="cnn" id="6584" />
    <site url="nbc" id="3456" />
    <site url="bbc" id="7345" />
    <site url="default" id="10000" />
    <type name="short form premium" id="02" />
    <type name="long form premium" id="03" />
    <type name="long form proseumer" id="04" />
    <type name="long form proseumer" id="05" />
    <type name="user generated content" id="06" />