Omniture sCode Config, SiteCatalyst 15

Analytics are a key component of a successful video strategy. Many elements can influece your viewers, the content itsef, the player experience, the web page context, the way you handle ad insertion, the quality of playback, and more. In order to test and learn different strategies it is critical to track your viewers interaction with your content: What are your viewers watching? What keeps them engaged? When are they more likely to share content? When do they drop off? With the right information on hand you can truly understand what is driving your audiences behavior and test different strategies to maximize engagement and create an effective monetization strategy.

Using the Omniture SiteCatalyst plugin for Kaltura, you can pull video analytics directly from Kalturas player into SiteCatalyst. The plugin is already in use by some of our leading customers

The Omniture SiteCatalyst plugin for Kaltura tracks user interaction with the player, including video views, share events, expanding/closing full screen, replaying, and more.

To start working with the plugin all you need to do is configure the relevant Omniture plugin parameters in the Kaltura Management Console player studio. You can either use the standard configuration or have our experts work with you to help realize your analytics goals.

For full plugin documentation and setup instructions click here.

Event log for Omniture dispatch events. You can also monitor your network console.